Soccer League, Rings League

The soccer League is a competition for the Junior students during lunch times. The rings league for junior students and the table tennis league for the senior students both run during the second term throughout the school day as an active break or reward. The Rings and Table Tennis Final will take place during Active Week from the 17th-24th of June.

School Tour

Every year the school tour is organised with physical activity in mind. Last year we went to the Let’s Go Camp in Cork and this year we are going to  Star Outdoors in Kenmare. An outdoor centre with many activities including archery, team challenges, kayaking, pedal boating, mountain biking and much more.



Annual event for 5th and 6th class students. It is a multi-activity based competition that is set up in an obstacle course fashion. Last year it was opened up to all of the school in a non- competitive environment. It is an event that all the children look forward to doing each year.



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The boys are currently enjoying the strand of Athletics in the school. Cork City Sports is taking place on the 1st of June and the boys are busy training during their lunch breaks. The grass has been cut and the pitch is ready for the hurdles and relays.

Donal Walsh Blitz

The Donal Walsh Blitz was held last year in aid of the Donal Walsh Foundation. The boys in 6th class were so inspired by his story that they wanted to make a difference and contribute to the charity. Schools around the Bantry area were invited to participate in the  football blitz on the school grounds and each participant gave 2 Euro to the charity. Finbarr Walsh, Donal’s  dad  was also there on the day to celebrate.  The blitz will be held again this year during Active School Week.


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